Clear the stage!

A culinary production in six acts
Under the purple heather hides a crispy welcome from the kitchen, suggesting that eating in the Johannesstube is not just an experience for the palate alone.

A delicate entrée
White gloves distribute rolls the colour of squid, tomato and rosemary. Sweet potato dip or whipped butter? The prelude is a success, the welcome from the kitchen is both plentiful and hearty with one morsel following another, scallops filled with Jerusalem artichokes served on hay, kissing the senses awake, now gently, almost shyly.

From spectator to performer
The first act opens with local trout in game broth, served with pumpkin – an intense taste of spring. Freshness, a subtle sweetness and a gentle sourness combine in the mouth to create something quite new, something as yet untried that nevertheless awakens memories. How is it done? There is a deep silence as the excitement mounts: the tension is artfully heightened by a cream of potato skins that forms an island for a crispy samosa, and in the shoulder of game where a mirepoix and Cabernet harmoniously blend. A hint of truffle provides the culinary crown for the taste, as eyes close and lips purr contentedly. Glasses, cutlery and napkins are constantly replaced as if by an invisible hand: you feel as if you are the leading actor.
Service at its finest – where the audience takes the leading role.

The climax
A meal for all the senses: even the plates are perfectly designed! Dotted with black-and-white, speckled with green, upon which raviolone is served under multi-coloured blossoms, presented in a manner worthy of its taste.

The high point of this delicious spectacle is the entrecote of Wagyu beef, with a perfect optical contrast formed by purple carrots, while goat butter sets off the taste. Wine serenely swirls in the glass. The audience looks on in wonder, reflectively.

A glimpse behind the scenes
And now, shortly before the close, the director appears. Theodor Falser appears quite natural, yet is surrounded by a hint of extravagance - he is like the dishes that he stages. “Nature is what I cook. 100%.” Each blossom decorating his plates, every ingredient that he places on the stage is perfectly genuine, natural, and for the most part organically produced. “The purity of the tastes, the pureness of the produce – that is what elevates the art of cooking to the highest level! Dishes can only be produced when the basis is perfect.”

A finale to touch the heart
The pea. A fabulous name for a fabulous dessert and, after such a princely treat, perhaps you do actually feel a little more blue-blooded than before. The dessert fork is as dainty as the tiny work of art made of chocolate threads on a delicate pea puree: truly a happy ending. So the audience returns home, secure in the knowledge of having attended one of the most magnificent performances that eyes, nose and palate could possibly experience. The feelings offer tumultuous applause.
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