Beauty comes from on high!

Wellness & Beauty in the Vita Sana Spa

Simply indulge yourself, letting others take the strain as you relax, lying there and thinking of nothing, while professional hands do your body good. With spa and beauty treatments using natural and high quality products that truly get under your skin…

Radiantly beautiful

A rock oil bath, a singing bowl massage, a treatment with peat: or a farmhouse honey massage, a crystal treatment, a bamboo massage. For beauty, for well-being, for all the senses - the treatments at the Vita Sana Spa at the Hotel Engel will intensify your holiday. Experts in sports- and physiotherapy, Ayurveda specialists, beauty professionals, experienced masseurs and masseuses - all will help kindle a fire that begins deep inside in the heart to flare, then to blaze - joy, lightness, purity make the eyes light up until they gleam – just as you will.
Room for myselfPhysical and mental well-being is the key to freedom and happiness. What is so often neglected in everyday life is of great importance at the Hotel Engel: focus on the ego, the mind, the body, concentrate on yourself and forget everything else – as if on clouds in our heavenly spa.
Vita Sana Spa in summary:
  • Four saunas: panoramic event sauna, bio-sauna, infrared-therapy sauna, brine aromatic steam bath
  • Four pools: indoor pool, outdoor infinity pool, Kneipp basin, kids’ pool
  • Crash ice fountain, ice mist channel, fresh mountain air room
  • Self-service organic teas and healthy snacks in the spa bar
  • Massages, body, beauty and Ayurvedic treatments
  • The “Most Relaxing Room in the World”
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