Saddle up and head for the hills!

Riding the prairies of the Dolomites

Time spent in the saddle is always time well spent - so they say, at least. Going for a ride in the Eggen Valley will show you that this has more than a grain of truth. Horse-riding with a view of the Dolomites offers more adventure than any Western could! Higher and higher, beyond the tree line, through the Dolomites prairies, towards the rocky steppe landscape.

Straight from the horse’s mouth...

Children love animals - and stroking the mane of a placid Haflinger or a pony will make them beam! The stables in the Eggen Valley offer them their first rides, plenty of caressing of these special animals and the chance to learn a little more about them.

Book yourself onto a horse!

Close by the Hotel Engel can be found the Zyprianhof and Angerle Alm stables: there are taster courses, excursions on horseback, riding lessons and carriage rides – not to mention the very special “star rides”, get-togethers for horse lovers of all ages!
The Hotel Engel will also be pleased to organise individual riding lessons upon request.
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