Fabulous wellness

A fine symbiosis: wellness and cuisine

Good food makes you happy. Good food is good for the body too! And good food is an indulgence for the palate, mind and soul. Here at the Engel we call it gourmet wellness: where good food does you good!

Culinary balance

The motto of the kitchen at the Hotel Engel is “balance, performance & multisense”. We serve delicious fare that is not just appealing to the taste buds, but is attractive and healthy too – with vegan, vegetarian, Ayurvedic or Basic, gluten- or lactose-free meals upon request. Our cuisine is thus the perfect setting for purifying Ayurveda treatments: the Detox light cure, the Basic fasting weeks or the Pancha Karma cure, and the strengthening intensive cure. The individual nutrition programmes, created in the course of these cures in consultation with our therapists and the kitchen team, help to regulate the acid-base balance and promote the regeneration of the body. You are what you eat: here, that means healthy!
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