Wellness for the muscles

Activity programme at the Hotel Engel

Work out hard – to give your body even more energy. Cast off everyday life and stress on the exercise bike, or run for miles on the treadmill. Meditate, walk, stretch. Test your body’s limits - or gently exercise it. Feel free, feel good. But it's not just the gym that can create space for yourself: the indoor activities at the Engel can do much more!
  • Gym with the latest Technogym equipment
  • Weekly activity programme
  • 4 guided hikes and tours in the Dolomites every week
  • Personal training on request

Body TonicExercising on the equipment or with your own body weight is the best strategy for toning and shaping the body.
Qi GongBalance out everyday stress with Qi-Gong to relax and rejuvenate both body and mind.
StretchingStretching is the ideal way to eliminate tension from muscles and joints and induce consistent flexibility.
Nordic walkingNordic walking engages the entire muscular system and thus doubles the efficiency of normal walking.
Hatha yogaTargeted movements, breathing exercises and meditation all restore balance to mind and body.
Acqua FitGymnastics in the water will gently and efficiently engage all of the body’s muscles.
Acqua PowerAn intensive workout in the pool trains the deep muscles of the body without stress.
High-Intensity Training (HIT)Short but all the more intensive alternating movements to stimulate the development of the muscles.
Sports swimmingOn this course, swimming coach Markus teaches the right techniques for efficient sports swimming.
Back gymnasticsCorrect back posture is vital for the prevention and relief of chronic back problems.
MeditationDeep relaxation is the way to long-term stress relief. Francesca shows how to find inner peace through meditation.
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