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Our Vita Sana Spa is World Luxury Spa Award Winner 2018

We won a World Luxury Spa Award 2018 in three categories! Our Vita Sana Spa is now „Best Unique Experience Spa“ throughout Europe, as well as „Luxury Countryside Spa“ and „Luxury Wellness Spa“ in Southern Europe. Many thanks for voting!
What are the World Luxury Spa Awards?
First of all: the World Luxury Spa Awards represent the leading award for luxury spas all over the world. They are awarded in 32 categories, regionally, continentally and globally!

What criteria are being applied?
The winners are selected according to the uniqueness of their spa, the main focus lying on the treatments offered, the equipment and the competence of the staff.

What are the objectives?
The World Luxury Spa Awards aim at giving the best spas in the world the attention they deserve. Furthermore, the enthusiasm of faithful guests and their voting are an excellent way for inviting new guests to discover the most appreciated spas in the world.
Not least, the prize is destined to the staff of the spa, as it is first and foremost awarded to the service.
Our heartfelt thanks to anyone who voted for us! Your support is invaluable to us.
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