Happiness is …

… feeling loved. … travelling around the world. … when you can afford the things you need for your daily life. … having time for yourself. … when the people around you make your life even more valuable.
... health
Well, the meaning of happiness is obviously a matter of opinion. It’s a matter of lifestyle, of personality and mental attitude. But whatever the definition of happiness: there’s no happiness without health. This is why health is so essential to mankind. Here at Hotel Engel we cherish this knowledge, offering a whole range of services that are meant to bring the individual – yes, the guest! - back to mindfulness, to appreciation for life and to a healthy way of life.

Every day, our entire team dedicates its work to making this experience a very enjoyable, comfortable and celestial one for our guests. For this reason we are particularly committed to consciously involving our staff members – our angels, really – in the experiences they pass on to the guests, offering them to take part in the health experience. Because this is how the wheel keeps spinning: you can only pass on something that you have experienced first.

Finding new energies, together
The annual health week at the Engel is dedicated to our staff, to our angels. Recharging the batteries, doing some soul-searching, finding inner balance. Together. Getting to know each other well on a personal level, enjoying some free time together, exchanging experiences. Hiking guide Ferdinand takes our chambermaid Karin, Marion of the accountancy and Gabriele of the front cooking for a hike through the wintry spring magic of the Dolomites. Meanwhile, chambermaid Katharina enjoys a make-up session with our beauty experts and Luca, our Chef de Rang, is curiously awaiting his massage from Nilantha.

A moving break
Joint yoga lessons and fitness sessions turn into a – literally – moving break, a conference on the topic “A healthy diet” provides insights on the immediate benefits for body and soul. And every day Theodor Falser cooks together with one of our staff members, preparing a typical dish of their home country. That way during our health week the menu offers delicacies from Apulia, Portugal, Pakistan, the Balkans, Tunisia and Sri Lanka. Getting to know each other in depth, learning about and from each other: that’s how we create a strong team spirit.
This is what happiness means to us.
Happiness is health. Happiness is harmonious teamwork. Happiness means working with staff members who live a conscious life with as much enthusiasm as we do. And that’s why we wish to express our fond and heartfelt thanks. To our celestial team, our angels: for the joy, the harmony, the support. You are making our lives even more valuable, you are making us proud and it’s only because of you that Hotel Engel has become what it is: a place of well-being, a place of quiet, a place of happiness.
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