My heavenly wellness day

Sweating, slumbering, rest for the soul

It is just a short walk to the new temple of relaxation of the Engel wellness resort: a stairway leads down from the lounge area and I am standing at the door of the sauna area. It all smells of wood, herbs, dried flowers. It is quiet here, with just the occasional crackling of the sauna stoves to be heard, the crunching of ice and the quiet gushing of the large stream that flows below the hotel.
Relaxation spa-style
After a morning spent in the mountain world around Welschnofen, I am now looking forward to the brand-new panoramic event sauna with its mountain hut atmosphere: a large screen features the impressive peaks of the Dolomites while I sweat at almost 90°C in the hot sauna air. Then it’s time to cool off! What should I choose – the crash ice fountain, the mountain air room or the ice mist tunnel? Simple - I try each one in turn! It’s the same in the quiet rooms, whose loving and harmonious charms each has its individual effect on me. I switch between the relaxation cocoon with its water bed, then the comfortable loungers, then my absolute favourite: the large wingback chair in the tea area.

And so I sit there after my third sauna trip. My bare feet nestle on the comfortable footrest extending from my armchair, while my freshly brewed organic herbal tea steams on the table alongside. My body feels wonderfully relaxed and, wrapped in a fluffy bathrobe, I just want to sink into the upholstery. My gaze wanders through the large window and out in the forest, finally lingering on the magnificent mountain panorama on the horizon. My eyelids flutter, on the verge of a relaxing slumber…

Revitalised by magic hands
…but it is too early to sleep - I still have plenty to do! An energising full body massage awaits me in the Vita Sana SPA. I place myself, full of expectation, in the hands of the masseur – and shortly afterwards his hand grips, using techniques dating back 3000 years, charge my relaxed body with new energy. The pleasantly scented oils, the heat, the dim lighting: my thoughts slip away and for a while I find myself on the infinitely pleasurable cusp of sleeping and wakefulness.
Switching off in the outdoor jacuzzi
After about an hour of treatment and an extensive rest, I feel like a new person. Perfect - because yet another highlight is waiting for me! I grab my bathrobe and go outside into the wintry cold mountain air. The icy air sharpens my senses and wakes me up. I quickly get into a wonderfully warm, illuminated hot tub, having of course taken an aperitif with me! So I lie in the bubbling water, looking up at the sky and stars that gradually rise above the surrounding Dolomite peaks.

Culinary delights to finish off with
Enough of the jacuzzi - it’s dinner time! Prepared by no less than award-winning chef Theodor Falser, who has cooked his way to the top of South Tyrolean gastronomic world in the “Johannesstube” restaurant, and is responsible for the food at the hotel. Local products, old recipes with a new twist: just as I imagine high-quality and unpretentious cuisine. All accompanied by the perfect wine, recommended by junior chef Johannes - South Tyrol’s youngest sommelier - and already my taste buds are close to seventh heaven.

You have to experience it for yourself - preferably more than once!
Slowly and pleasurably my wonderful wellness day at the Engel, full of relaxation and inner harmony, comes to an end. And although I have experienced so much today, I still could not get enough – of the Engel Spa, the Engel food, the Engel panorama... in short: of the Engel feeling! Thank goodness my holiday is not yet quite over…

Heavenly Day Spa
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