Superb action

Biking gems

Experiencing adventure doesn’t mean having to go off like Indiana Jones in search of lost treasure. You can find real life’s greatest treasures right where you are – and if you are on holiday in Welschnofen, the greatest jewels of all are right outside the door! And when the Rosengarten, Latemar and other rocky giants soar up against the deep blue sky, with their mountain air and lush green forests in summer, there is only one thing for it – to get out into the great outdoors! Even better, for those who long for speed and action, is the chance to explore nature on the ultimate bike adventure through the magnificent Dolomites!

A paradise for freeriders

Up at Carezza, particularly from May to October, bike fans will be in their element – on the Bike Trail! The Welschnofen cable car starts just 400 metres from the Hotel Engel and takes you up to the Frommer Alm where 4.4 km of fun and action await. The bike trail runs at a gradient of 11% along a mountain stream, through forests and meadows and, with its bridges, jumps, over 45 steep and banked curves and up to 70-metre long northshores, offers plenty of excitement and entertainment! One section also has some smaller and 20 larger drops, tables and jumps.

The top station itself also has a training park for mountain bikers, with hairpin bends, a rock garden, drops, curves with and without banking, steps, balance northshores, pumptrack, jumpline and several obstacles for those wanting to improve their bunnyhops.

The bike trail is suitable for all those who love freeride descents out in nature, and need more action when biking – it is certainly a good alternative to such “classic” bike tours such as the Latemar circuit. But these classics, in the mountain paradise of the Eggen Valley, are always worth a look too! We have chosen three brilliant trails for you here!

Nature for all

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What sort are you? A leisure cyclist or a die-hard mountain-biker? It doesn’t matter: the Eggen Valley has plenty for everyone, with passes, forest trails, wild nature and of course its unique mountain gems! :)

And at the Hotel Engel? You can borrow mountain bikes for free, E-bikes for a small charge, and we have rucksacks, rain gear and washing facilities. ;) And, if you want, just ask at reception for a guided bike tour!

A summer full of action

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This year from 14 to 20 July sees the world’s biggest and hardest mountain-bike stage race take place – the Bike Transalp. It covers 500 km and over 18,000 metres of altitude in seven days, all through fantastic Alpine scenery. And one of the stages of this spectacular bike race visits – where else – Welschnofen! :-)

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