Heaven – Engel - Islands

New features for 2018

At our hotel ideas gush forth like spring water. We have listened carefully and planned their implementation down to the last detail – be creative, act creative. So now we can offer some heavenly new features. Come and see for yourself - you will be amazed!
The Engel’s sauna world
Travel: we have now installed a large event panoramic sauna of old wood. Here, once a day a holistic infusion film show takes place: to Africa or to the heart of the mountains - travel via images with music and light effects as you sit and sweat.
Scents: our new bio-sauna of Swiss stone pine has the scent of the old trees just below the tree line. The gentle 60°C temperature activates the circulation and opens up the pores for the cleansing ritual.
Brine inhalation: steam bath with ultrasound-brine technology. Brine vapour floats through the air on ultrasonic waves in a large 25 m² room.
Levitate: infrared brine room with suspended respiratory beds. The room temperature of 37°C feels lovely and warm as the infrared waves stimulate the back in the swing beds, just like relaxing on clouds – all while stimulating the immune system.

Infusions and sauna masters
Our sauna infusions: we offer the classic aroma infusions at 4.00pm and 5.00pm, while the journey of the senses starts at 6:00pm in the event panorama sauna.
Nature the sauna master: large window walls looking towards the edge of the forest summon nature as a silent sauna master.

Cool off on refreshing isles
At the Engel we know that sweating in the sauna must be followed by time spent cooling down. Our illuminated blue ice mist channel, made of crash glass, runs through the middle of the room. A light mist is sprayed from above to cool the head – both very important and gently refreshing! Or would you prefer to cool off in the clear mountain air? Try the mountain fresh air room. The secret of this radical intensive cooling is being outside yet inside! Or stimulate the organism in our large new Kneipp basin. Alternate between hot and cold baths - Kneipp therapy is typical of the Hotel Engel. And, for a quick freshener in between, take a scoop of ice from the crash ice fountain to cool the skin.
Relaxing after the sauna
Quiet and perfect peace – the new 110 m² relax lounge: private cosy niches, cushioned corners, the highest quality materials, all with a fire crackling in the fireplace. In short: pure relaxation.
Right next door is a living-room atmosphere, as chatting is good for the soul. Read while sitting in comfortable armchairs and sofas, sit together or put your feet up with a cup of tea.

Pleasure island
We serve tea on tap: our wellness tea bar offers ten different sorts of organic and Ayurveda teas as well as little snacks to top up the energy levels.

And there’s more

The Engel programme
With some 50 different activities, the Hotel Engel’s programme is as wide as it is varied. Just a few of those on offer: for daily fitness there is Thai yoga, Hata yoga or classic back exercises; guests who love exercise and the great outdoors can enjoy guided snowshoe excursions; while our themed days such as the “South Tyrolean Day” offer a journey through each area of service, from the buffet and the bar to a themed infusion.
Knowledge should be shared
On this we can all agree! Seminars and conferences see many great minds coming to visit. Our new, light and airy meeting room, 75 m² in size and equipped with the latest presentation technology - complete with terrace – is located on the hotel’s upper floor. For more details and information see: booking@hotel-engel.com

Kids need activities!
The brand-new 95 m² youth room is ideal for teenagers and the young at heart, with a pool table, Nintendo Wii, PlayStation and numerous other video games. Forget the serious side of life – it’s time to play!

And for our hardworking Angels
For a well-earned rest now and again, we have provided “S’Rasterl”, a comfortable dining area and lounge for our wonderful staff.
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