Well-being comes from within

The beauty spa at the Hotel Engel

What is the meaning of beauty? Outside, warm steam wafts over the pool and there, behind the glass façade, lie three guests daydreaming in the relaxation area. Francesca, the head of the beauty department at the Hotel Engel, approaches me wearing a gleaming white toga and accompanies me into the meeting room. As soon as she starts talking, her gentle restraint is replaced by a total intensity, mindfulness and concentration.
Francesca, how is it that everything somehow seems to flow and resonate here?
We are fortunate that the beauty programme, the Setti method and the hotel’s philosophy all harmonise and complement each other. They really resonate together! It is something you can feel, especially in quiet moments.

We pay attention to tiny details in order to create a harmonious whole. The music, the lighting, the essential oils used, the herbal teas served after treatment - everything has to fit together, as spa visitors can sense whether they are being holistically treated. It is therefore vital to meet each guest’s individual needs with a wide range of products and techniques, but especially with good advice and a welcoming attitude.

Beauty treatments - which products are used on the skin?
Absolutely all of our beauty products are high-quality, organic, vegetable–based products. We believe that it is very important to use resources from the local environment and to integrate them into our holistic treatments. We therefore use herbs, plants and flowers from the meadows and forests around us – naturally at the time when their strength is most developed.

What special role does the skin have in your holistic treatments?
The skin is closely connected with the body’s major maintenance systems and thus with the actual person. When choosing a product, as well as in the treatment itself, we pay careful attention to the neuro-endocrinal and immunological stimulation of the body and the activation of the pigment cells. Each of our treatments works at the bio-molecular level, i.e. very, very deeply. We also use essential oils in specific ways, as the sense of smell is the oldest human sensor and brings us straight to emotions, sometimes even to memories and usually directly to relaxation.

So what does beauty mean for you?
For me, beauty is an attitude, a way to say “yes” to well-being. It is the realisation that all of the resources needed for people to feel good are already present in ourselves; they simply need to be awakened or kindled in the right way. While achieving beauty requires more than just an external application, this can of course greatly assist our personal radiance!
Here at the Engel Spa we have the opportunity over several days to initiate a process of mindfulness with our guests, one that we hope they can continue to apply to their everyday lives: by allowing themselves the time to listen to themselves and to reflect. And then to think about what they expect from a life of well-being. Because you also have to engage with beauty at the intellectual level… and the Engel Spa is the ideal place to do so!
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