Family for families

The Hotel Engel and the “Reisebüro für Menschlichkeit”

Holidays are a form of luxury: not everyone has the time or financial means to afford them. Whether it is a holiday in an apartment, a boarding house or a 4-star hotel, we believe that an occasional holiday should be a part of life, because only once you are away from the everyday, both in terms of thought and distance, can you achieve the necessary separation.
Whether hiking in the mountains, resting in the spa or exploring the forest playground to provide much-needed relaxation, or savouring lovingly served, fresh, tastefully prepared food that you have not had to cook, or just having the freedom to spend the day exactly as you wish. Simply being able to enjoy it – that is what makes a holiday of whatever type. Once each “must” becomes a “may”, inner peace is close at hand.

It is precisely for this reason that the little angels who work here have set themselves the task of ensuring that all guests, large and small, obtain what they need for a proper break: attentiveness, happiness and peace of mind. We can imagine no better thanks than to hear joyful (children's) laughter!
Global Family
Since the summer of 2018 we have also been proud members of the “Reisebüro für Menschlichkeit” [Travel Agency for Humanity]: “Global Family” is a charity that enables poorer families to enjoy holidays free of charge. Because, for victims of poverty, disease, violence and war, a carefree holiday and warm hospitality are more than just a break, they are an impossible dream, like dancing on a rainbow. These are the thoughts of Karl G. Auer-Polaska, founder of the “Global Family Charity Resorts”, as he describes their mission.

Auer-Polaska himself grew up in straitened circumstances: he lost his father as a child and later became a self-taught journalist, newspaper publisher and public relations professional. He also published a book on the subject of “mental wellness”. He had for years been involved in charity work: in 2007, together with comedian Otto Waalkes, he laid the foundation stone for the “Global Family” organisation.

A pause button
Working with the friends from many different fields whom he had got to know while working as a publicist for top hotels, Auer-Polaska enables families for whom the word “holiday” was unknown to enjoy a break from their daily routine – cost- and especially care-free, well looked-after, cared for and in every sense free. This is the aim of the “Reisebüro für Menschlichkeit”, of which we are also now a member. Because a holiday is the pause button in our everyday lives: and everyone needs a break sometimes - to discover new strength and above all (once more) to find yourself.
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