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5 autumn tips for the 5 elements in motion

Saying farewell to summer might not be as hard as you thought it would be: from Hotel Engel, the first white snow-capped peaks may be seen in the distance, nearly overnight the leaves have taken on red and yellow hues, the lush green is thinning out, the first fir trees display tones of ochre and fallen leaves play, twirl and dance in the sun. This new season makes you want to dive right in. To feel its colours, shapes and variety.
We have chosen a few great autumn tips for you – as the elements may be enjoyed in autumn, too:

#1 Water, wind and the seasons! An autumnal hike through Bletterbach GEOPARC
Enter the canyon, amidst the many layers of earth from past centuries. This adventure into nature conveys a feeling of humility and of transience at the same time. Up to 400 metres deep and around 8 kilometres long, the Bletterbach ravine has been dug out over the course of 15,000 years. This UNESCO WORLD NATURAL HERITAGE SITE still has lots of fossilised plants and petrified traces of dinosaurs buried in it. Whether on your own initiative or with a GEOPARC guide, you're in for a unique tour of discovery.

#2 'Törggelen' and the planets – enjoying the fruits of autumn
Starting at Gummer, the Planets Path leads through our dazzling mountain landscape, past picture-perfect farms set in meadows. It also goes past small inns serving the first wine of the season, roasted chestnuts from the area, the specialities of 'Speck', 'Sauerkraut' and house sausage and sometimes home-made sweet 'Krapfen' pastries. Stop off for a snack and get a taste of rituals from South Tyrol and autumn in Val d'Ega.

#3 Welschnofen-Nova Levante and Karerwald forest – the animals of the wild
Welschnofen-Nova Levante lies in the midst of the UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site of the Dolomites. The village itself nestles on the slopes of the highest wooded hill in Europe. This easily-accessible hill, called 'Taltbühel' and set at 1756 metres above sea level, may be reached directly on foot or by bike.
The Karersee lake, too - the waters of this lake steeped in legend feature a range of shades of blue and green and reflect the evergreen spruce forest around them in autumn. You can also hear the mating call of the red deer from the depths of the old Karerwald forest in autumn. Every harvest time is time for new beginnings – as Mother Nature will teach us.
#4 Latemarium – immerse yourself in the magic
A total of eight different themed paths await hikers eager for taking in all-round views at the spot where the Latemar opens up its world and strives majestically for the skies with the promise of special insight into the geodynamics, meteorology and the mighty natural powers of the Dolomites – a promise that is kept. Along the latemar.alp path, information on flora, fauna and mountain pasture farming may also be found. At 2,000 metres above sea level, at Reiterjoch pass, the “Eye to the Dolomites“ and latemar.360° terraces affording truly breathtaking views may be found. You can choose betweeen, latemar.relax, und and lots more. In front of the wide, wild and jagged horizon.

#5 Anyone for golf? Golf courses at Petersberg and Carezza
Golf balls whizz through the air right into November. When shadows start to get longer at Golfplatz Petersberg, the sky turns a more intense shade of blue, colours take on an even fiery shade, views are even more stunning and players compete to become the star of the golf course!
The oldest, highest-lying and challenging 9-hole golf course in terms of technique in South Tyrol, Carezza – also known as 'The Mountain Beast' - just five kilometres away promises golfing experiences that are sure to stick in your memory for a long time.

#A special plus: active inside, calm outside – or the other way round?
Being active, standing in the midst of life, actually begins within you. This is part of our house philosophy. In Vita Sana SPA, we offer pampering treatments, yoga and meditation sessions and high quality natural products for detoxifying the body, finding inner calm and balance while you discover our unique holiday destination.
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