So close to the heavens

Experience the Dolomites of the Eggen Valley in close-up!

The Hotel Engel is located in the midst of the spectacular Rosengarten and Latemar massifs in the Dolomites, where you can feel nature and the power of the mountains with all your senses!

So close to the heavens

Step outdoors as a guest at the Hotel Engel and you will have the overwhelming sensation of the rock walls being close enough to touch, or of the heavens being near enough to scale. In the midst of the unique natural spectacle of the Dolomites, the power of the mountains truly gets under your skin - an experience without compare!

Wild and romantic

The Dolomites, part of the Southern Alps, have been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2009. They are responsible for the bizarre and spectacular appearance of South Tyrol! No need to decide between the Rosengarten and Latemar massifs as, here in in the Eggen Valley, you are very close to both of these celebrated mountain ranges. You hardly need more than a glance at this impressive vista to imprint an indelible, sparkling memory on your mind. The seasons also emphasise the romantic and magical experiences in all their diversity: in winter the snow renders the outland shapes of the soaring peaks yet more mystical, while in summer their bare, jagged teeth make them even more majestic and enigmatic. The best solution is to explore both on foot: on a mountain adventure , in the form of ski mountaineering, winter walks or snowshoe excursions, or on a mountain hike in summer!

Gather up the power of nature…

You can truly feel nature at the Hotel Engel, not just outdoors but also quite comfortably in the hotel itself – for instance at a table in the Johannesstube! This is where you can above all taste nature! Michelin-starred chef Theodor Falserdelights guests with his unusual dishes, all prepared with nature in mind, serving up all that grows at the foot of these magnificent mountains directly onto your plate! Taste nature indeed…

Stairways to heaven!

The surrounding mountains are also giants indeed: at 3,004 metres and 2,981 metres respectively, the peaks of the Kesselkogel and Rosengarten soar into the clouds, closely followed by the Diamantidi Tower (2,842 m) and the Latemar massif (2,800 m). There is no mobile phone reception to be found up here, but instead something much, much finer: nature in its purest form(s), something you can feel with all your senses! It is not just the panoramic views that trigger a real “high”, but also the beautifully haunting silence and the fresh, unspoilt mountain air. Goose bumps are part of the package. ;) Face-to-face with these giants, we and our troubles suddenly seem minuscule, freed from one another... time is an irrelevance. Breathe, feel your own presence, clear your mind! It is time to draw on the power that only the mountains can offer in such a moving and wondrous form.

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