Slow-Snow at the Engel

Relaxing winter holidays at the Hotel Engel in the Dolomites

Fresh tracks in the snow, clear air, sparkling treetops, tea time and indolence: experience a winter wonderland in slow motion

Slow-Snow at the Engel

Fresh tracks in the snow, clear air, glittering treetops, tea time and indolence: the “slow winter” program indulges our guests away from the ski slopes and huts, bringing body and soul into balance and creating a genuine winter mood.

Winter is so much more than skiing

The joys of winter are many, and not every day has to be spent out skiing. Even if the pistes on the southern slopes of the Rosengarten massif most certainly look inviting, the “Slow-Snow” programme will lend a new note to your winter holiday. The sleeping natural world, winter peacefulness and the magic of the snowy landscapes are the ingredients for an ideal slow snow day at the Hotel Engel.

Fit through the winter months

A “slow snow day” is a good opportunity to enjoy winter with a partner in a whole new way. It is for example ideal for couples who do not share a passion for skiing. Those seeking plenty of exercise can savour the full splendours of the snow in real time on a winter walk, while at the same time truly adopting a slow tempo. Isolated footsteps are a treat for both eyes and soul that (last but not least) also offer a boost to the immune system.

Adventure – the quiet way

For those looking for something a little more strenuous, a cross-country snowshoe excursion with our mountain guide Ferdi is just the thing. There are four tours a week available, with a more Alpine approach possible depending on the wishes of the group: the Dolomites in any case allow for endless tour options.

The right combination of relaxation, pleasure, exercise and the natural world is the perfect recipe for an ideal slow snow day. Guests can enjoy breakfast, yoga, stretching, meditation and then venture out into the fresh air, with the prospect of the spa to look forward to after sunset. It may all sound quite simple, but there is plenty there nevertheless, and definitely worth trying out on your winter holiday. Because there is always the skiing to enjoy besides!

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